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Church & Ministry Support

GIFT Faith Formation Events

GIFT's founder and president, Tim Maurer, has led the church community in days of reflection. Using GIFT materials that have received Imprimaturs, Tim challenges Christians to live their faith in an active and fruitful manner.

Speaker Support and Resources for Archdiocesan and Other Ministry Events

GIFT is available to help people strengthen their faith and impact via large group events. GIFT founder, Tim Maurer, was engaged by the Archdiocese of Hartford to lead a faith-building session at their annual youth event. He focused on experiencing Christ's presence and re-presenting Christ.

GIFT Scripture Materials Can Reinforce Sermons and Enable Community Outreach

GIFT Scripture posters, yard signs and artwork have been used by the Church to reinforce Sunday sermon messages, to personally engage parishioners and to speak to the community.

Planned CAFE & G.I.F.T. Shoppes

GIFT has very detailed plans for a Café & G.I.F.T. Shoppe utilizing GIFT resources and ministry programs as an innovative means to bring Christ's love to communities, to reach those not coming to Church, to build up believers, to engage people, and to guide them to a Church if desired. GIFT leadership has even received affirmations regarding this, following intensive prayer. GIFT plans include launching these venues along side Churches, as extensions of Church ministries, using an approach similar to franchising or licensing.

With fewer people coming to Church, with all the Church closings across all denominations and with the growing population of unbelievers, such a venue could be a great resource to share Christ's love with people in tangible ways, to encourage and build-up the faithful, to reach the lost, to rally people in support of mission work, and to joyfully advance God's kingdom.

This concept is not as far-fetched as one might think:

Christian Outreach Magazine published an issue with a series of articles about nutrition classes, cooking classes and restaurant ownership as a means to reach people for the Lord.

And Pope Francis, while Cardinal, opened the door to new ministry venues: "Our sociologists of religion tell us that the influence of a parish has a radius of six hundred meters. In Buenos Aires there are about two thousand meters between one parish and the next. So I then told the priests: 'If you can, rent a garage and, if you find some willing layman, let him go there! Let him be with those people a bit, do a little catechesis and even give Communion if they ask him.' A parish priest said to me: 'But Father, if we do this the people then won’t come to church.' 'But why?' I asked him: 'Do they come to Mass now?'...We cannot keep ourselves shut up in parishes, in our communities, when so many people are waiting for the Gospel."