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GIFT Spiritual Support -- Adult Faith Formation Resources

GIFT offers foundational and transformational faith support -- and spiritual encouragement -- to help us grow in our faith, build up one another in our faith, and share our faith with others who need to know the incredible love of God.

GIFT's Scripture Coffee Table Book Presents Key Biblical Insights

This guide to happy living is comprised of more than 100 valuable Scripture insights. These essential Biblical perspectives will challenge us to live truly transformed lives, so we can live and love more like Christ. Truly cross-denominational, this inspiring book began as a resource for a licensed minister in the Nazarene denomination, was encouraged by Cardinal Roger Mahony, is written in NIV text, received an Imprimatur from the Catholic Church and was covered on Catholic TV.

Examine the book contents by clicking on the visual, and consider adding this to your collection. You'll be directed to the Blurb website for a complete viewing.

GIFT Spiritual Transformation Guide Helps Us Mature In Our Faith

Are you truly re-presenting Christ? Are you living and loving like Christ -- humbly, selflessly, mercifully and joyfully? 

Use this in personal faith enrichment or as a tool for a group faith- building exercise. Evaluate where you and others you love are in living your transformative faith to the fullest.

Click on the visual, reflect on the guide and see ways you can transform your life to truly re-present Christ. 

This guide has received an Ecclesiastical Permission from the Catholic Church indicating acceptance in accordance with Church teaching.

Reflecting On GIFT's Spiritual Transformation Path Can Help Us Produce Fruit

Drawing upon the realization that good farming requires both good seed and good soil to produce a fruitful harvest, the Parable of the Sower should cause us to examine whether our hearts are properly conditioned to nurture God's Word (seed) planted in us, so we can produce good fruit.

GIFT has developed a reflection on this Parable, including corresponding and reinforcing Scripture. 

GIFT's Spiritual Transformation Path can be a resource for a powerful personal reflection or group Bible study.

G.L.O.W. Can Help Us Remember To Be Godly, Loving, Obedient And Witnessing

Studying what the Bible says about these life traits can help us make certain that we're living a Christian life to the fullest and achieving what God wants from us in our lives. As we GLOW, we will truly become a light in the darkness that's all around us and is, sadly, so evident around the world. As Christians, we need to reflect on -- and reflect -- the character of God and share the wonder of Godliness. We need to love as Christ loved us. We need to be obedient to God and His plan for all His creation -- including both obeying God's commands and being obedient to what God wants us to do in our daily lives and with the life He has given us. And we need to share the knowledge God's love -- and witness God's love -- with others as a light shining in darkness, to help others come into a right relationship with God for all eternity.

Sharing Godly Insights And Perspectives To Help Transform Our World

For Catholics and others, the Vatican has many great insights and tools to guide us in transforming our world with the love of Christ.

 GIFT shares loving insights from the Pope and the Vatican that don't always make it to the pews, which society overall (and not just Catholics) can appreciate and benefit from.