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Children's Ministry

Celebrate Our Creator

Come! Behold the deeds of the LORD, the astounding things he has wrought on earth. PS 46:9

At GIFT, we believe a key building block to people having faith in God and to our heartfelt transformation is reasserting belief in our triune God as our awesome creator, provider, counselor and savior. Get ready to celebrate with GIFT's Celebrate Our Creator curriculum.

Sheep & Goat Go To The Ice Cream Parlor

GIFT's children's book, Sheep and Goat Go To The Ice Cream Parlor, teaches the essential Social Justice Parable in Matthew 25 in a fun-filled and memorable manner. Here Jesus explains he'll come back and separate people like a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, based on whether we shared His love with others in need. The story contrasts Sheep's selfless love with Goat's selfishness.

This book has received an Imprimatur and was covered on Catholic TV. It was also endorsed by Catholic Mom blog

Sheep & Goat has been used in Vacation Bible school in the Catholic Church, in Catholic School Grade K-6 reading, and for community outreach and children's ministry in the Protestant Church (see the exciting video below).

Our children and our society would greatly benefit from this book: Michigan University research has evaluated today's college youth as 40% less empathetic than earlier generations -- and found a corresponding devaluation of others as well!